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With Rabbi Jacob Rupp, you will develop actionable tools to increase confidence and willpower, enabling you to withstand the toughest tests, communicate powerfully, and lead effectively, all while strengthening your sense of personal responsibility and accountability.

Getting your mindset and spiritual awareness in its most optimal form is the foundation for creating the results you are looking for in whatever area is lacking in your life. Your self-esteem, health/relationship goals, and financial/business future depend on your ability to gain clarity about and mastery over yourself.

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      About Rabbi jacob rupp

      Rabbi Jacob Rupp, from San Diego, California, is a rabbi, coach, syndicated columnist, podcast host, speaker, and business strategist who helps clients achieve clarity on goals and strategies, become honest and forgiving with themselves and others, and to live more spiritually connected lives. He does one-on-one performance and marriage counseling, group coaching, and keynote speaking. Rupp draws from the gamut of cutting edge business, relationship, and leadership strategy and roots them in ancient Jewish tradition.

      Rabbi Rupp has had many profound transformational experiences in his own life. Coming from a spiritually ambiguous background and a loving but dysfunctional family, which included, during his adolescence, the loss of all contact with his emotionally abusive, alcoholic father. Rabbi Rupp sought to change the trajectory of his life. He has been happily married for over a decade, has four children, lost over 100 lbs., and built his own business, Lift Your Legacy, helping those who are driven and spiritually seeking obtain access to the tools they need to live purpose-driven lives. He also started and grew a social media marketing platform, focusing on helping workers who wish to identify and create alternative income streams and communicate their messages out to a wider audience through the medium of podcasting.

      Rabbi Rupp holds two BA’s, one from the University of California, San Diego and the other from Ohr LaGolah Hertz Institute for International Teacher Training, and was ordained by the former head rabbinic judge in Jerusalem. He is an avid reader and is continually engaged in the study of Torah, leadership, psychology and related fields.


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