Rabbi Rupp specializes in helping teens, college students, and professionals who need guidance on topics ranging from relationships, creating a life mission, growing in their Jewish/biblical/spiritual connection, and taking the next meaningful step in their career. He does this in a unique way by combining the background of a rabbi and 3,300 years of Jewish wisdom, with current knowledge of business/leadership/development to provide a comprehensive, rooted, and relevant way for achieving goals and develop a clear strategy.  In addition to helping individuals and groups, he has built two successful businesses and is able to train thought leaders and entrepreneurs how to leverage their stories over social media to Increase sales, create a strong company culture, and streamline their workflow.

Rabbi Rupp provides the following services:

  • 1:1 mindset actualization coaching, which leads to measurable and profound improvement in the areas of self-development, religious development, relationships, and career/business
  • 1:1 spiritual and biblical coaching: Learn the foundations of faith, philosophy, leadership, and spirituality directly from the source of monotheism itself, the Torah.
  • Group coaching for couples or teams looking to work more effectively with each other In order to become a more cohesive unit.
  • Rabbinical services including life cycle events (Bar/Bat Mitzvah, marriage, funerals), Sabbath programs, and scholar-in-residence educational retreats.

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Rabbi Rupp has over a decade of rabbinical experience in a variety of settings, has been happily married for 10 years, and has four beautiful children.  He has built a successful coaching business, overcome significant personal obstacles, and has a deep understanding of people.  He has an Infectious smile, and can make mystic and psychological teachings relevant and relatable.